Our slogan evolved over time, we looked for what defines us and what we wanted to convey. But we couldn’t come up with the right one, so we left the slogan Weck and thought it would come. A year without a slogan, any advertising agency would probably have thrown it all. But not us! One day we looked at our guests. Yes, we looked at you and we saw what makes us special. They make the difference #finepeople was created and so we created the hashtag # ️⃣ on Instagram, which did not exist before.


About Us



The idea of a good quality coffee that will bring the world together is not new to Vo Bar but is traced back to 2017. That year it opened in the center of Stuttgart as “Frappe” without the certainty of success. But it didn’t take long to come. After 2 years of service and despite its limited interior space, it had made its presence felt and was loved by people.

The re-branding of 2018 brought the change of the name “Vogue” but also the general change of the store identity, incorporating more international vibes. After many experiments -such as “Vogu”, “Vog” etc.- “Vo Bar” came and stayed, maintaining the international influences in its decoration.

Our goal?

Our goal is to open in Stuttgart a different store with good quality coffee, where in combination with our trained staff to become your meeting point.

That’s why our philosophy is summarized in a simple slogan:

Fine people. Where? In Vo Bar